Water & Wastewater Industry

Unisource Manufacturing has a long history of supplying flexible products to the water & wastewater industry. Our lineup of rubber, metallic, and PTFE expansion joints and connectors fill the needs of every type of treatment plant and pump station. In addition to these three separate types of expansion joints, Unisource is the only manufacturer to offer combinations of these three basic types of joints, such as rubber connectors with PTFE liners, metal expansion joints or flex hose with PTFE liners. We have honed our product line in order to offer ideal flexible products for pure water applications, sewage pumps, grit and sludge pumps, aeration blowers, and chemical handling equipment. In addition, Unisource builds hose products specifically for this critical industry. Chemical handling hose, flexible metal hose, digester hose, and hose assemblies and nozzles for water wash down stations.

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