Series TSC Smooth-Bore PTFE Hose


Virgin PTFE, wide convolutions. White or static-conducting black


Stainless steel braid. Poly braid or PVDF available upon request


-65°F to +450°F

Pressure Range:

750 PSIG to 3000 PSIG (Depending on size)


3/16″ through 1-1/4″


Sold as custom assemblies only


Style TSC combines a smooth-bore PTFE inner core with a 300 series stainless steel overbraid. A high pressure rated assembly is complete by attaching special swage type fittings made in a variety of styles. Smooth-bore, medium pressure PTFE hose is utilized in many applications, including pharmaceutical, high-pressure gas, food procesing, bio-tech, chemical transfer, and process water. It can be found installed in gas cylinder filling plants, factories, on trucks and buses, automobiles, and a myriad of OEM equipment. PTFE hose may be the ideal solution if the application requirement exceeds the chemical, heat, and other limitations of rubber, metal and plastic hose.

Part Number TSCPart Number TSC-BNom. Hose SizeAvg. I.D. (In.)Avg. O.D. (In)Oper Pressure (PSI)Burst Pressure (PSI)Bend Radius (In.)Weight (Lbs/Ft)Max Conf. Lights (Feet)
Note: Integrally lined “through the fittings” in flanged, female cam and groove and sanitary clamp designs –1/2″ mini sanitary. Radial crimp styles in 316LSS in all styles of sanitary fittings

Series 2450 FEP Lined Rubber Hose


Teflon® (FEP) backed with modified XLPE




Multiple textile plies w/ dual wire helix


Recommended for the transfer of products that require a hose tube with the highest level of chemical resistance. The smooth-bore design is ideal for the unrestricted transfer of fluids and promotes draining and cleaning. The hose is reinforced with multiple plies of polyester yarn with dual wire helix. This reinforcing combination provides full vacuum capabilities, kink resistance, and high working pressure ratings. Other cover colors are available (red, black , gray, yellow, green and white). Meets or exceeds the requirements of FDA & USDA under 21 CFR 177, 1550, 3-A sanitary standards 10-15.

Part NumberI.D. (In)O.D. (In)Bend Radius (In)W.P. @70° F
Vacuum@70° F (In/Hg)Weight (Lbs/Ft)Std. LengthStock (Yes) or Min. OrderTemperatureDesign FactorBrandingOrigin
2450-0753/41.294.0200 30.52 100’400’
-40°F to +300°F (-40°C to +149°C)4 : 1White Mylar / Black LettersUSA
2450-10011.565.0200 30.63 100’400’
-40°F to +300°F (-40°C to +149°C)4 : 1White Mylar / Black LettersUSA
2450-150 1 1/22.058.0200 30.93 100’400’
-40°F to +300°F (-40°C to +149°C)4 : 1White Mylar / Black LettersUSA
2450-20022.559.0200 301.14 100’400’
-40°F to +300°F (-40°C to +149°C)4 : 1White Mylar / Black LettersUSA
2450-30033.5918.0150 301.77 100’400’
-40°F to +300°F (-40°C to +149°C)4 : 1White Mylar / Black LettersUSA

Series TSVO Open Pitch Convoluted PTFE Hose


Virgin PTFE, wide convolutions. White or static-conducting black)


Stainless steel braid. Poly braid or PVDF available upon request


Style TSVO is an open pitch convoluted PTFE hose found in a wide variety of sanitary, high-temperature, and high-tech applications. This hose has an internal profile that supports high flow rates and the helical design aids in self draining. The fluoropolymer core is inert and offers long flexural life, low permeability and the lowest coefficient of friction of any solid material. The core is seamless, heavy-wall extruded white or black-conductive PTFE tubing and is contained by a stainless steel braid. Polypropylene braid cover and polypropylene flanges are also available. The tube is formed from a solid homogeneous PTFE extrusion. The internal convolutions are shaped to ensure pure flow, and is 100% cleanable. The PTFE is thicker than most conventional hose and provides superior vacuum ratings and “hoop” strength. Series TSVO is easy to flex yet won’t flatten when bent, and is extremely crush resistant. A primary advantage of a thick tube design is its ability to be extended through the fittings and flared over to form a sealing face, eliminating any joint between fitting and hose. Flow is uninterrupted and the assembly is completely free of areas where corrosion or bacteria can build up. Meets FDA and USDA requirements.

Nominal I.D (Inches)Stainless Braid W.P.Polypro Braid W.P.Unbraided W.P.Minimum Bend Radius (In.)Vacuum Raiting (In. Hg.)Weight Per Food (Lbs)
1/2400 PSIG400 PSIG 40 PSIG 1.7529.9 0.20
3/4400 PSIG400 PSIG 30 PSIG2.2529.9 0.35
1400 PSIG400 PSIG 30 PSIG 2.5029.9 0.50
1 1/4325 PSIG 275 PSIG 20 PSIG 3.0029.9 0.70
1 1/2325 PSIG 250 PSIG20 PSIG 3.2529.9 0.80
2325 PSIG 225 PSIG 15 PSIG 5.2529.9 0.95
2 1/2250 PSIG 200 PSIG 15 PSIG 8.5029.9 1.50
3175 PSIG 175 PSIG 15 PSIG 9.5024.01.79
4150 PSIG150 PSIG 15 PSIG 11.9520.02.25
675 PSIG 50 PSIG 5 PSIG15.5015.03.50

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